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Publié : 9 novembre 2008

Transhumance Etang de l’Hers - LASSERRE 0ct 08 Corinna a Cheval avec RAHAN de Lasserre

Transhumance de Corinna ( ITALIE) avec RAHAN de Lasserre

here my feedback about the Transhumance. There are a lot of things missed that are difficult to express for me, but the emotions are still well alive ! Again thanks for your dedication and love and positive energy, I hope to meet you again.
My compliments to your mother, I know she was with us.


The Transhumance has been an unbelievable experience that moved deeply my heart and changed my perceptions of some aspects of life. The charisma of Jean-Louis and Christine has been the center of this adventure but the herd of the Merens has been the support that took me in this journey.

Rahan is a 3 and half years old, good heart and balanced, who loves to stay a few steps behind the Alfa, just enough not to be kicked ! And very easy to motivated with ... a good apple or ... Jean-Louis’ ALLEZ !!!

After the first day of 35KM in beautiful mountains, woods and lands, I couldn’t move my legs ... and I was not the only : we laughs so much watching us trying to move a step or get up, even seat on a bunch became quite a problem ! This first day was really impressive with very deep little paths and deep descent in the forest, the horses were so good, very carefully , even when my saddle moved literally on the neck of Rahan because of the steep road, he let me dismount and we went on but too slowly for the herd, so I was too tired to run and decided to let him free to follow the herd and he thanks me with a jump of joy ! I met him some meters down with the other horses and I mount on again. We reach a point on the mountain with a lot of cows and goats, we pass in silent, all together most of the time in a long line, only Nature between us and the horse in front.

During the next days the complicity with the horse grows and was easy, he learned new words when I offered a treat, a new touch, and I learned were he preferred to walk with, who were his friends, his position in the herd, his curiosity, his courage and generosity. I used the hackmore with a lead rope, he didn’t know the lateral flexion, or the back, but he was generous and we went on well all the three days, unlikely only three days ! Even if I was tired I felt so sad to leave these beautiful mountain, amazing horses and so warm people, I thanks also all the French friends that helps us in all situations with real and great love.