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Publié : 7 mai 2011

MAURIZIO PATTI Official Italian Representative NHE

Nevzorov Haute Ecole seminar 2010 at Haras Picard du Sant

It was a wonderful experience for participants, owners of Haras Picard du Sant and myself. To describe what happened on those three exciting days it would take forever so I will limit myself and just say it was magical and those who where there know what I am talking about. Their feedback have been incredibly positive and I take this opportunity to thank them all for being so open minded.

What I really want to underline and spend more words is Mérens, Jean Louis and Christina’s Horses.

Jean Louis and Christine horses are very special, not for the beauty or the color but for their minds. They are so friendly with humans and it is like they, horses and people, are just like a huge family. They are full of trust and you can move freely among them even attached to their foals. They are so serene. This doesn’t really happen just like that, there is a lot of work behind it and very much dedication. For this I would like to thank Christine for being so tenderhearted towards all of them. I was lucky to be able to watch her dealing with the newborns and I really could stay there were I was (far away) and watch her with the mares, foals and stallion for hours.

All horses were really wonderful even the younger like one, two and three year old, they were really kind and peaceful around us.

A particular thought about Moustique a ten years old gelding, Jean Louis’s personal horse/friend

We shared very beautiful moments together and I felt so well with him. He, in my opinion, has a wonderful soul, I could feel his strength and power but he decide to act softly and with much care about me. So I want to thank Moustique for giving me and everyone else who were there the most beautiful feelings.

Maurizio Patti

Official Italian Representative Of NHE