Publié : 23 octobre 2014

HELEN and Little UBLOT... from Scotland

The TRANSHUMANCE in not "mony-trekking". It is partipating in a real task a moving a herd in difficult terrain where they can be excited, afraid, ans potentially in an accident.!
I loved il. But do not come to relax ! Tne scenery is stunning, but do not expect time to enjoy it : you must pay attention to your ’duty"

You need to be very fit, to jump on and off your horse in an emergencyn ad to run up and down rough and steep ground. You need to understand instructions FRANCH. People are really friendly and make an effort to include foreigners, but when things happen quickly it is not possible for immediate translation.

You need to be confident in the saddle in difficult situations ( fallen trees, low branches, steep, narrow, muddy paths). You can learn so much form thse people who love ans understanding horses, il you are prepared to accept instructions.

Don not come, if you know you know rothing. BE ready to learn, perhaps a completely new way to ride with a rope Halter