Publié : 23 octobre 2014

IZZY et TARRGA ... from a farm in ENGLAND

A year ago my freind suggested i might to join her on a trip in France to join her with the Transhumance. I had riider regularly for about 12 years until my early twenties but had had limites opportunities to ride since then.

I had meant to have several months of lessons before the trip to France but time got away from me and in he end I only had hald a dozen lessons.
This was just, altrough only joint, enough to give me the confidence and the muscle power to join te Transhumance.

The esperience was an amazing one- from the first few hours of walking round the mountains gathering to ponies, to the final moments of seing then safety back through the village ot their field.

The first day was the hardest - the stule of riding is very different to the traditional English way. I had been brough up with, and required a total mental shift which I had just about grasped by the third day.

So this, combined with some tricky terrain up and down steep paths though woodlend made the first day a challenge. And having a limites knowledge of French was an added complication. Although a couple of people spoke en English, and were very happy to speak to us in english, in the heat of the moment when decisions had to be made as to how to gather the escapologists, it was not always easy to get the just of the instructions, particularly when shouted accross the distance.

It was, however, an incredible experience to be a part of . We were made exceptionally welcome and everyone went out of their way to help us though the language barrier. We can looked after really well, with amazing accomodations ans sensational food which ofen seemed to materialise out of nowhere !

This was an espérience I shall never forget ans one which has changed my attitude to horses and given me food for though in the future.

THANK YOU Christine and Jean Louis for making this possible