Publié : 8 juillet 2018

Sue From the south hémIsphère UBLOT de LASSERRE

Just about to leave this beautiful country though I am taking with me the ride of a lifetime ! I have received heartfelt friendship, beyond language, (horse and human) enjoyed laughter, delicious cheeses for breakfast and even wine for lunch ! (Who would have thought ???)

Most of all though, I am forever grateful to Benjamine D’amonville, Jean Louis Savignol and Christine for showing me the depth of control and managing I was still believing in, and how, with the horses help I surrendered to the power, beauty and wildness of allowing Life ’do’ me.

The Transhumance was an opportunity to let go in many ways. I was one of only 2 native English speakers and French was the language of choice in moments of emergency. (Often I was flying by the seat of my pants !)

The transhumance was a very real experience of collaboration and joining in One mind with the herd and all the team. It called for full focus and attention at all times. All self doubt and ’what ifs’ simply fell away. Fear of death was looked straight in the eye and full trust in the horse was the only way. The horse knows where to put its feet on precarious and slippery ridges but any adjustment or attempt at control from the rider can throw it off at any moment ! I let go of all my opinions and thinking I knew better !

Words can’t really express the joy, freedom and peace I feel right Now. I can however, express my eternal gratitude to the Spirit of Life revealed to me here with this herd of Merens horses and their beautiful human companions who have dedicated their lives to Freedom and the naturalness of Wild Life !