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Publié : 6 février 2009

OSCAR DE LASSERRE famille BOCKS Deutchland/Allemagne

Our family exists of Livia-Arlette (almost 3 years old), Seth-Joshua (5 years), Heiko (42), Nathalie (39), Oscar (6), Alvaro (1- the big dog) and Peppone (1-the small dog).

Exept of Heiko, had a pony when he was a child we had no great experience with horses. Our son wants to learn riding when he gets three. With four he still has this aim and we decide that he can start with riding (now he is able to ride a small pony alone). When he starts Nathalie decide to learn it too and we would like to have a horse of our own. We are looking for different horse breeds and then we found in a special book the merens. We found the descripion of their properties very interesting and in addition they looked pretty good.


Then we decide that a merens should be a merens from the original place and we contact different breeders. We were very glad and enthuse that you answere very fast and invite us to come and see your horses (very, very nice days at your home). You recommend a very cool horse to us and he named Oscar.

You found the very best horse for us and when Oscar arrived we thought that we knew him for a long time. After a few weeks here at the grass Oscar gets used to us and now he only needs to hear our car and he comes to us. Escpecially Seth is his favorite.

Last day Seth arrived and Oscar left his carrots to welcome him. In spring time we will finish our riding place and we will have a teacher that trains us there.

Oscar is still the best and now we are looking forward to have another best merens of all.
With best regards
all Bocks