Publié : 10 mars 2008

Transhumance HPS The GROWING UP accross the Pyrénées channel MASSAT ORLES Valley’s

You ride our horse like us, you include a family Merens Horses breeder and their experiences.. become your’s. Ask to the passed candidates... they really enjoy on the Second W.end of june


Thursday, DAY 1 Introduction day

14h00 o’clock Arrival in your B&b (see web site our B&b)

Ridding exercises and history of our breed, working around the breed with the horses

And introducing your horse

Dîner with the family breed

Friday, DAY 2(Car to join the Mountain, walking to bring Merens horses and left for 7hours Horses Moutain ridding to Wood chalet 25kms 6 hours)
05H00 Awake and breafast with the family breeder

06H00 Take the cars to joind the pyrénées channel (1 hour Drive)

07H00 Arrival with the first ligths of the day to « The Etang de l’Hers »

We park the car on the Col d’Agnes 1500m

Walking 45mns to find te horses in the moutain, pick up them and come back down to the lake

10H00 Lunch arround the Lake with farm products….

11H00 Preparing Horses, saddle, your bag back and so on…

12H00 Leave ridding fro a long day…

We go accross several cols, moutain, down, several time…
Nice vue and picture with the pyrénées chanel behin you and your Merens Horse ( FANTASTIC WAY)

18H00 WONDERFULL we’re in the wood Chalet ( just for us )
Making the camp , we are in refuge with two groups and your sleeping bag

18H30 Aperitif , beer, french red wine…
Lunch between inside and outside…

Saturday DAY 3 ( 8 hours moutains ridding 30 kms)

07h00 Awake and breafast with the family breeder

08h00 Preparing your Freindly Organic Merens Horses’

09H00 Departure every body, accross the moutain, first a little road to join SEIX village and the Esbintz refuge.We are in a raod open to the cars traffic 7kms by hour to SEIX before arrival in the ESBINT’s mountain ;

11H30 Arrival in CHEVIGNON’s Families, very nice and popular there with the Pyrénées Bear…

Pique Nique in the Francis refuge at the top of the mountain. The family is interesting and surprising family to Known….pick up et 4x4 with our farm products waiting us with beer, coffee…tee

Every body take time in a quiet space ( the horses has a special land reserved)

14h00 Departure with the accross the mountain in the GR10 ( Big trail from See Mediterranées to Altantic Ocean) it’s very difficult ( you’ll see that may be)

We ride over several cols ans landscape roads before CAMPULS’ Circus and our camp …over the Lac de Bethmale.

17h00Arrival in CAMPULS’ Circus and our camp Horses, saddle, shower….under the falls may be ( if you like cold water .. but very natural)

19h00 Nigth under the stars (sleeping bad) and your tent ( 3 seconds to built…) SHURE

20h00 light diner with french, wine, beer, ….

Sunday DAY 4 (25 kms with 1000m highest in 8 hours)

07h00 Awake and breafast with the family breeder

09h00Departure for 20 kms forest roads, PDR, GR down with the Cutting tree draw. We’ve very often trees in the trail….

12H00 We made a salvage lunch in our way ( depending about the breed speed)

13H00 We left

17H00 Arround there we’re in the final of « La pucelle ». We put every thing down and walk the horses in the mountain ( 1H00 walking to bring them in there special estive Space for the next few weeks

And come back by car to the breed (1h00 car)



 Food like us
 B&b and nigths like the breeder,
 Transfert between the estive to home
 Horse saddle, filet…
 The breed family organisation
 Same life then us
 Our insurance organisation

Not Including

 Sleeping bag
 your Helmet
 Transfert, picking up airport and railway station ( extra charge)
 Sunday night ( extra charge)
 Personnel drinking
 Plane, car or railways
 Personnal insurance

Price for each people Twin bedroom (B&b, castel, wood chalet)

Ridding 650 E net

The number of customers is limited in 2008
For ridding you need to manage the tree gaits, a good physical training

Christine and Jean Louis SAVIGNOL
Organic Horses Merens Breeder

To come /


By plane TOULOUSE Blagnac or Carcassonne Airport

BY car A64 FOIX TARBES follow TARBES exit 23 Cazères sur Garonne made 20kms by Ste Croix volvestre (From TOULOUSE 1H00) and when you’re in front of "the épicerie du lac "take right 100 m follow LASSERRE. arrival in LASSERRE look and foolow" Mairie" We are the last house right and left with wood and a private car park. You’re there.

On the same Way we also organized in W.ends : Transhumance Come back, Pig’s food, Foie gras, Cider and water of live, mashrooms , marmelade, printing and medical horse day, borning horses week ends...